Thursday, July 9, 2009

Update From Texas

The cat, the finches, Bob and myself all arrived in Texas safe and sound. Daisy is loving all the windows to look out and the finches are loving their new home that they can actually fly around in. I'm spending most of my time unpacking and haven't found the cords for my camera so pictures have to wait.

I've already been stitching with the stitch 'n bitch at my local LNS. That's the only stitching time I'm getting right now. I'm working on a whitework ring bearer pillow for Elizabeth's wedding next month.

I'm getting started on a web page for Berri Patch. Stay tuned for further details!

Now, back to my boxes.

1 comment:

FayeRaye said...

Good to hear from you Sherri! Glad things are progressing in TX...cant wait to see your photos!Take care!