Monday, August 10, 2009

Ring Bearer Pillow and Finches

I finished the stitching part of the ring bearer pillow topper for Elizabeth's wedding. Just a few beads to add then stitch up the pillow. I used perle cottons on antique white cashel linen. This was my first real whitework piece and I had a great time stitching it. I think I'll be doing more whitework. It wasn't easy to photograph, this was the best I could get.

For all you Harry and Smyrna fans, let me tell you they're at it again! Smyrna laid 5 eggs last week and they are diligently tending them. Aren't they adorable peaking out of their nest? I hope the chicks this time are as pretty as the last ones.

Daisy enjoys watching the indoor birds more than the outdoor birds. I guess it's because she can hear them sing and chirp. She only gets to come into this room during the day when I'm home. I make her repeat after me "finches are friends, not food".


Deb said...

Your ring bearer pillow is absolutely stunning. What a keepsake that is going to be! And I don't think I've read your blog for too long, but how great to watch eggs hatch. Kitty looks like she would like to be involved though!

venus said...

I will for sure come back to visit your blog :)
Congrats, I love the new layout, the use of tags is great . NICE!

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