Friday, August 14, 2009

Stash, my entry way, and a new SAL

I am determined to get serious about stitching again! Painting and decorating is fun but I've promised myself to block out some stitching time each day. I've always wanted to stitch along on Loose Feather charts from Blackbird Designs so I enhanced my stash with the first three installments for 2009. I'm excited about the hand turned pincushion from Milady's Needle and of course I'm in love with "It's Berry Time" :) I think I'll stitch it over one with some deep red overdyed floss that I dyed myself at an EGA class.

I just discovered a SAL getting ready to start on Aury's blog, Acerca del bordado . . . She has designed such a beautiful sampler and will start offering installments on September 15th.
Click on the sampler to go to Aury's post where she give the details about the sampler and a wonderful story from her family history. I love the colors!

For my friends wanting more pictures of the house, here is the entry way where the window is a great place to showcase this new tree. Well, actually I purchased the tree because there was a great place for it! We love the black door, but we'll change the paint on the walls pretty soon.


Gina E. said...

Sherri, your new home is absolutely gorgeous! All that land around you...ah, peace and quiet. The Finches look so cute peeping out of their nest, don't they? Ken has sold most of his finches (about 20), leaving only a couple of pairs, but they already have eggs in various spots around their aviary, so it won't be long before their numbers are on the increase!

venus said...

Thanks for the links to such great "helps" blogs. I like to see what's new also and I just love to find someone showing how something is done!

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