Monday, September 28, 2009

Wedding Photos

Elizabeth has posted some fabulous wedding photos and I just couldn't resist sharing a few of my favorites here. This first picture is here so you can see the straight hairdo that started all the hulla-ba-loo, but I also think it's a good picture of the three of us.

I wouldn't be a good Grandma if I didn't share this picture of Alyse and Aislyn. They were such beautiful flower girls and, as you can see, were taking their job very seriously.

I left my camera at the table during the tree planting, so I'm glad I can finally share this part with you. Since Liz and Jeff were married on the property they plan to live on, they planted this willow tree as part of the celebration.

This next one has to be my very favorite. As soon as I saw it the theme song from "Green Acres" started running through my head!

Liz, I hope you're not bothered by the Green Acres reference. This is such a beautiful photo and so symbolic of the start of your lives together. Just the two of you standing where someday a home and family will be living and growing together. And that's what this day was all about!


FayeRaye said...

I love all the photos but the last one needs to be framed!!! So nice!!! I know you are proud and what I wouldnt do for that wonderful red hair!!Lovely!

Elizabeth said...

Not bothered at all by the reference... hopefully one day there will be a small orchard planted behind where we stand...and don't forget a berry patch up by the house.

FayeRaye said...

Hey Sherri!!! I have lost your new email...can you email me the oragami pattern you gave us at your retreat??? Mine is worn out and I now have others who want to make one!! Thanks, Faye