Saturday, December 12, 2009

Rug Punch and Book Shelves

I was browsing in Yarn Extraordinaire in downtown Granbury on Thursday and discovered that they carry some rug punch materials. That got me in the mood to drag out my "in the wings" rug project and get it started. It's called "Long Flower Basket" from Hooked on Rugs and will be 6" wide by 36" long. I love the hand-dyed wool yarns, the colors are so vibrant.

I've only done 2 rug punch projects so far. One was a gift and I forgot to get a picture, but here's a picture of the first piece I did:

The finished hen sat around in the frame for the longest time, and I finally finished the edges to use it as a chair pad for this antique sewing rocker. When my husband found this old sewing rocker in the attic years ago it didn't have a seat. I used jute and did a woven/macrame seat for it. I think the hen sets it off nicely.

We're continuing to work on our house, trying to make it ours. When we bought the house, there was this mirrored built-in cabinet thing in the living room which is definitely not our style.

We had a glass company come out to remove the mirrors and were going to have all the cabinets removed too until we noticed that the lower cabinets had a beautiful tile countertop which matched the tile on the fireplace across the room. I can't believe somebody glued mirrors to these tiles. I decided to salvage the cabinets which was really a chore! I scrubbed and scraped and sanded and painted. We hung glass shelves in the recess over the cabinets and are very pleased with the result. Since the fireplace was painted black, I used the black paint on the cabinets as well.

Now, this is definity "us"! The final drapery panel should be hung soon, so I'll have picture of the rest of the room. Thanks for looking.


Theresa said...

That han rug is soooo cute!!!!!!!
Your house looks lovey as well~

Patti said...

I LOVE your rug it is just too cute for words. Also how your redid the cabinet is just so much better it just isn't true. Wish the photos had been clickable so I could have looked closer but I could seen enough.
Patti xxx

Donna said...

The cabinet looks great and i love all the books. Your rug is cute and i cant wait to see the new one you are going to work on.