Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow, Taxes, and Knitting

Not only did I wake up to snow this morning, but it's 3:00 and the snow hasn't stopped.  That's really weird for this area.  The next door neighbors came over looking for a snow shovel.  I can't remember ever owning a snow shovel.  Good thing I don't have to go anywhere.

While I was taking pictures, I snapped the entrance sign of the cemetery on the other side of our back fence. I love the arched ironwork sign and the gray snowy day gives it an eerie look.

As my readers know, I was a CPA until I opened my needlework shop. Now that we're back in Texas and I don't have a shop anymore, I'm going to start doing tax work again.  Mainly for tax season and then some part time the rest of the year.  I thought I was finished with taxes!  But I'm working at home which will be nice.  My stitched Garfield accountant is keeping me company.

I got in the mood for knitting again, so I'm better prepared for this cold weather.  Nellie is modeling my button up cowl. It's done with Wool-Ease Chunky in seed stitch and used recycled buttons.  It goes great with my Harley jacket and is super warm.

The slippers I knitted several years ago finally wore out, so I had to knit another pair.  I wanted something different so I combined several free online patterns and came up with my own.  I used wool blend chunky yarn again from my stash and found some fabulously soft Berroco Chinchilla to crochet the cuffs.  Anything to keep my feet warm!

I've always wanted to knit socks, but I only knit simple stuff.  I found this free pattern here for tube socks knitted on a 12"circular needle.  This I can actually handle!  It's like have a chunky warm sweater for your feet and great for wearing around the house with slippers.

I really like working with circular needles. Maybe some day I'll get brave and work with double points.  Or maybe not!  This pattern used the Kitchener stitch for closing the toe.  This was my first try and it is truly magical!  I can hardly tell where I sewed.

Hope you're all staying warm!


Lois said...

I do like your knitting finishes Sherri! I knitted way back before I started cross stitching and I keep seeing so many nice knitting finishes at the moment that it's starting to tempt me back to picking up the knitting needles again.

Solstitches said...

Lots of great knitted projects here and it looks as though they are much needed judging from the snow pics.
I especially love your slippers.


Siobhan said...

You have talent with any sort of needles, it seems! I love your knitted projects. The cowl is so pretty! My daughter is planning to take up knitting so I keep popping off websites to her hoping that she'll make me some nice things for the house. ;) Good luck with your tax business.