Saturday, May 29, 2010

My London Trip - Part Three

Notice how I've changed the title from "Our London Trip" to "My London Trip".  Bob was only able to be away for a week, so Saturday morning early he headed back home.  Elizabeth was flying over from Michigan later in the day and Katie had some work to do, so I headed out on my own a bit.

A church yard on the Marylebone High Street is the home of the "Cabbages and Frocks" Market every Saturday.  Now, I don't know the significance of the phrase Cabbages and Frocks, so if anyone out there does, I'm all ears.  I just assumed it meant anything goes!

There were plenty of frocks, but no cabbages.  I bought a wonderful hand-knit lacy scarf from Russia and a beautiful pair of pearl earrings from a local jewelry artist.


The scarf vender didn't want to be in the picture!  For a small market, it was really pretty good.

After I left the market, I wandered through the Waitrose grocery store on the high street.  I always love seeing grocery stores at other places and this one was very interesting.  I couldn't leave without buying some tea and chocolates!

When I got back to the flat, Elizabeth had arrived.  While we sat chatting Katie's dog, Searcia, came over to me.  When I said "Oh, have you come to have your picture taken?" she immediately turned and struck this lovely pose.

Later, we all took Searcia on a walk in Regents Park.  I took a bunch of pictures, again, because the park is so beautiful.  Here are just a few of my favorites:

Sunday morning bright and early we boarded a train to the nearby suburb of Richmond where Elizabeth had signed up to run in a 10K race.  Searcia came along to help her get ready.

They're off!

Crossing the finish line.  That's Liz in the green shirt.  Way to go!!

That's it for part three, but stay tuned . . . next time the girls take on Paris!


Margaret said...

I'm so enjoying your trip pictures!

Sylvia said...

Your pictures make we want to pack my bags and to to London - its on the list for next year. Can't wait to see the Paris pictures - I was supposed to go with my DH, but was in bed with Pleurisy instead. At least its only 3 hours away, so I 'll get there soon. Thanks for sharing your trip.

Jackie said...

Your pictures are wonderful. I had no idea that London was so beautiful. Regents Park is just gorgeous, I'd love to take a nice long walk there.

Patti said...

I wish I could say the same as Margaret but hey I live here and haven't seen half, or even know of it, of what you have. Thank you so much for sharing so much because now I will go and see and I love markets.
Patti xxx (15 miles North West of London)