Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another Vacation and Back to Work

After I finished posting about my London trip, I headed east for a stitching retreat, a visit with my mother, and a visit with some stitching friends in SC.  I had a wonderful trip and left my camera at home this time.  Those of you who suffered through all my London and Paris photos must be jumping for joy!!

The stitching retreat was the Carolinas Region EGA Seminar at the Ridgecrest Conference Center in the mountains of North Carolina.  Such a beautiful place!  It was wonderful to relax in rocking chairs on the porch, sip coffee, and catch up with old friends.  I actually got some stitching done in studio time since I wasn't managing the book store this year.  I worked on My Stitching Chair Necessaire - progress pics coming soon.

I had a great visit with my mother (who is doing fine, for those of you who have inquired).  We worked on taxes, did some sewing, and went antique shopping.  Mostly I read and took a lot of naps!  Her friend Mike took us out to dinner at The Wild Horse Cafe in Pomeroy, Ohio and then to get ice cream for desert.  Like I said, I didn't take my camera, but the restaurant was pretty cool, so I took some pictures with my cell phone.  Here's the horse out by the road.

The restaurant sits right on the Ohio river and has a dock so people can come out to eat on their boats.  I walked down to the dock to snap a picture of the river.

Mommy and Mike waiving down at me from the porch.  It wa a beautiful day, so we ate "al fresco".

I spent a few days with my friend Candy in Hartsville.  She invited the stitching group from my shop over for a day of swimming, eating, and stitching. I had such a fabulous time.  I was able to visit some other friends, too, and do more reading and napping!

It was good to get back home knowing I had no more trips for a while!  I started back to tax work again.  Some of you know I did some tax season work for a firm I used to work for years ago.  It felt so good to be back and I was ready to start earning some money again :)  So now I'm working part-time during the year and full-time during tax season.  I even have my own cubicle!

I don't mind being in a cubicle at all but it would be nice if I could jazz it up a bit.  Please let me know if you have any cubicle decorating ideas.  Any help would be appreciated!


Margaret said...

Glad you had another nice vacation to the guild and to see your mom. Good for you getting back to work too. I'm not good with decorating, but there must be some pretty pics you could hang? Big help I am! lol!

Jackie said...

How about a stitched piece and some photos? I took a lamp to work with a cute Ikea shade. It really made a big difference.

pogaplayer said...

Something that Inspires you...

Nancy said...

Sounds like wonderful times!