Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Weekend Stitch-Away

I spent Halloween weekend at the semi-annual Stitch-Away retreat hosted by   The Stitch Niche. The shop is in Arlington, and the Stitch-Away is in Weatherford which is only about 30 miles away. Just far enough to be away from it all, but not far enough to have to drive a long way. This is the 3rd time I've gone and each time I've had a blast!

We mostly just stitch on whatever we want but there's usually some type of special project to work on. The project this time required pre-stitching and since I have more than enough to stitch, I didn't get the kit. Little did I know of what I was missing.

On Saturday morning, I saw what the project was and I absolutely HAD to do it. It was a workshop on finishing a little wooden box for stitching supplies. We sanded and painted and sanded some more, finished the inside with fabrics and trim, and added a magnet sheet in one section. Ta Da!

Is this adorable or what?  We had a great selection of fabrics and trims to choose from so everybody's box was different.  Just look at the choices!

You can see some other projects on the table and on the lower right hand corner is the adorable witch that was intended to adorn the top of our box.  Wish I had gotten a better picture of it for you.  Because I didn't pre-stitch the witch, I just made the box and put a different top on mine when I got home.  I decided to use the October flip-it from Lizzie Kate that I had in my finishing pile.

Here's a close up from the side so you can see the distressing and the pom-pom trim.

This was soooooo much fun!  I can't wait 'till April for the next Stitch-Away.  Here are a few more photos I took during the weekend.

And of course our hostess making sure everybody had all the supplies they needed: 

I took my current needlework piece to work on.  It's Magnolia Collage by Laura J. Perin.  I took before and after shots so I could tell how much I stitched during the weekend.

All I lack now is the big Magnolia in the center box.  It's tent stitch over one so I need some quiet time at home! 

Thanks for visiting.  Happy stitching all!


Margaret said...

Wow!!! I love the project you made at the stitch away! And your Laura Permin piece -- wow! Gorgeous!

Faye said...

The boxes are darling!! What a nice (and SO useful) project!!!!

Thanks for sharing them, Faye

Jackie said...

I can see why you had to have the box! It's wonderful and something that could see frequent use.

Deborah said...

Love the box! Your fabrics were great.

Gina E. said...

What a neat idea that box is - a change from husseifs and chatelaines. The Laura Permin project is absolutely gorgeous!

staci said...

LOVE that project box! What an awesome idea and yours turned out so darn cute!!!

Giovanna said...

Gorgeous box, and the LP piece is just stunning!

Siobhan said...

It looks like you had a fantastic time! I love your WIP--so pretty.

Sylvia said...

Looks like a fun time to be had by all. Love that little box you made

Anonymous said...

I just adore the Magnolia Collage! I am new to your blog and I am loving it so much already!~*~~*~* Thanks