Saturday, August 6, 2011

Top 10 Things That Keep Me From Blogging - No. 9

 Catching up with the first 4 seasons of Design Star.

This is currently my favorite show.  I started watching in Season 5 but I'm such a fan of David Bromstad, I had to go back and see Season 1.  That was just the beginning of hours and hours sitting in front of my computer watching all the episodes!

All the winners have been fabulous!  This season Mark is my favorite so far.  What do you think?

Later, Sherri


Gina E. said...

Well that's two things - not good enough! What are the other eight that keep you from blogging - lol!
Nice to see you are still around, albeit glued to your t.v.!
You haven't mentioned your Finches for ages - do you still have them? Ken has sold all his Zebras, and is concentrating on the Gouldian Finches. He has a flock of about 18 now.

Anonymous said...

Now you've done it! I didn't realize the older seasons were on the computer and I missed 1 &2... so guess what I'll be doing this week LOL