Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Leo's Quiet Book

A lot of things have been happening around our house.  Our back yard project is pretty much done and I've redone my stitching/sewing/office/reading room.  I'll have some pics of these pretty soon.  This afternoon I'm working on a Quiet Book for Leo so I thought I'd post my progress.

A friend loaned me this Activity Book pattern by Country Creations and I'm using it as a starting point.  This pattern is copyright 1991 but I believe it's still available.

I'm using some of the pages from this pattern and making up other pages based on inspiration from Pinterest.  There are quite a few boards focusing on quiet books and I picked up tons of ideas and posted them on my own board.  Click here to see my "Quiet Book Ideas" on Pinterest.

These pages are from the Country Creations pattern:

Counting Page - the symbols come on and off with velcro.

Match the Shape - the shapes also fasten on with velcro and the shape of each outline is stitched on the page.

Clock Page - the hands move.  The only problem with this page is that the hands sometime catch on the fuzz of the felt.  But I think it will be okay.

The fruit for this basket page was taken from the Country Creations pattern, but I made up the basket as I went along.  The fruit is loose to come out of the basket and be put back in.

This page has been the most fun so far.  I went to a thrift store and bought a 0-3mo pair of overalls and cut them down to fit the page.  I cut out a t-shirt shape from an old red t-shirt, machine appliqued it to the page, then sewed the overalls on top.  The straps snap and unsnap and there is a little pocket that I hid a tiny treasure in.

My quiet book will have 16 pages total.  I'll post more as I go.  Thanks for looking!

Happy stitching,

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Elizabeth said...

This is awesome! Leo is such a lucky boy! Thank you so much. Can't wait to see it.