Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My Studio

I realized I haven't posted any pictures of my studio makeover.  Bob likes to call this room my studio; actually it's a sewing room, craft room, stitching room, morning room, office, all rolled into one.  I'm fortunate to have a large room with high ceilings and lots of windows.

I really don't have any before pictures.  The previous owners of the house used this room as a media room which consisted of black out curtains, a reclining sofa, a HUGE tv and it was decorated with John Wayne memorabilia.  I guess you can imagine that.

My first order of business was built-in in shelving and workspaces for my computer and sewing machine.

I did a T shaped workspace since the room is so large.  The extra peninsula space is available on the office side and the sewing side which really helps.  The shelves provide tons of storage for books and stitching/craft supplies.  The blue apron hanging in the center was used and made by my Grandma from feed sack material.

The end of the peninsula is a bookcase for extra storage.

Moving to the left is an outside wall with sliding glass doors leading on to a porch.  The high ceilings allow space for hanging stitched pieces that haven't found a home anywhere else in the house.  I have a large counter height worktable in front of the sliding glass doors.  The light pouring on to the workspace is fabulous!

Still moving to the left, opposite the built-ins, is a sitting area with lots of lights for stitching.  The sofa is a sleeper so we have some extra guest space if we need it.  The quilt hanging on the wall was made by my Grandma and was the inspiration for the wall color.

The fourth wall has a closet which is full of shelves to store more craft, sewing, and stitching supplies.  The white shelf unit mounted on the wall has glass door knobs as hangers and is where I hang my main stitching and project bags.  I've got a TV in the corner on a roller cart that I can pull out to watch while I stitch.

I seem to spend most of my time in this room doing something or other.  Hmmmm what will I start on today?

Hope you enjoyed the tour!


llknbillburg said...

What a wonderful room!! I'd spend all of my time in there too! Laura

Faye said...

I loved seeing your inspirational space!!!! I'm working on rearranging mine.... You are especially lucky to have those great windows!!!!

Linda D - Durhamzoo said...

Love the Plum Street Box. It's gorgeous!