Monday, March 2, 2009

Berri Patch Retreat

The first Berri Patch stitching retreat seemed to be a success! We held it in the shop instead of the arts center, and all the attendees vote for having it in the shop all the time. That will cut down on the numbers as 12 stitchers in the shop is as many as can fit reasonably. Here we are just stitching away!

I designed a special project for the weekend called "Stitching is the Berries" and Julia and I made the custom tuck banners for everyone.

Another activity of the weekend was making origami snippet boxes from scrapbooking paper. Everyone picked out their own paper at MeMe's Scraps and some even purchased stickers to embellish the box with. We had a great time and all the boxes were so different!

The boxes were put into use right away!

Despite the special activities, we all got a lot of stitching done - which was the whole point anyway!!! Faye really came a long way on her "Quakers and Quilts".

I spent the weekend trying out my new "Round a bout" punchneedle frame. I got most of Lizzie Kate's new Garden finished. I love the frame!!

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