Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nest Sitting - Day 6

After laying one egg per day, the final total is four and the nest sitting has begun. Harry and Smyrna take turns in the nest. Here is Harry standing guard while Smyrna is in the nest. The nest is so deep you can't see her in it, but she peeks out every so often.

I though Monty would be lonely in his little bachelor pad, but actually he seems happier this way. The cages are side by side so they can chirp and sing to each other. Monty's favorite new trick is hopping from the perch, through the swing, and onto the little tree branch I put in there for him. He does it over and over again. I think this bird definitely needs a mate!

Stitched on today - Hooked on Rugs Yellow Hen rug punch. Pic soon!

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