Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Little Finches!

Harry and Smyrna were successful this round. They hatched two beautiful little finches that came out of the nest on Monday. They are both so beautiful I won't be able to give them away. Until I know the sex of each, they are named Seed Bead 1 and Seed Bead 2. Here they are poking their heads out:

This is Seed Bead 1 on the perch with Daddy keeping watch from behind:

Here is Seed Bead 2 in the bottom of the cage. Such a pretty color!

The entire happy family:

Poor Monty is no longer left out since he has a new mate to share his bachelor pad. She's a female black cheek and was selected because her feathers stay ruffled up just like Monty's. They spend lots of time snuggling and grooming each other, I just could get a picture of it today.

All six finches will be making the move to Texas with us and are looking foward to moving out of the cages into a nice new aviary with plenty of room.

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Gina E. said...

Congratulations, Sherri! Love your photos; I just showed Ken and he said the finches will be happier in an aviary where they have space to fly around.
BTW, I've posted a link to the sound of laughing kookaburras on my blog. I couldn't put the link in a comment like this, so I created a new post just for you!