Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Finish and A Speedy Turtle

This is Vinyard Bouquet by Laura J. Perin Designs. I do canvas work occasionally to take a break from tiny cross stitches on linen. This design was sooooo much fun to stitch. I took about a bazillion pictures hoping to capture the sparkle of the metalic threads and the beads that make up the grape clusters but this was the best I could get. I'm going to make this piece into a serving tray to display in the wetbar in our new house.

Yesterday on the way to the grocery store, I saw a good-sized turtle in the middle of a busy road and had to be very careful to not run over him. Being the animal lover that I am, I parked the car and ran back to the street to rescue him before somebody hit him. By the time I got back to the street, the turtle was zooming along and had made it almost all the way to the other side! He was moving along so well that I just watched to make sure he made it out of the street and then went to do my shopping. When I drove back by the spot, that turtle was nowhere to be found. I guess he had somewhere very important to go and just couldn't be late!

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Gina E. said...

We must be kindred spirits, Sherri! Ken and I have stopped or slowed down many times to avoid hitting animals and birds on the roads, and like you, have gone back to make sure that something is safe.