Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Wedding!

Elizabeth and Jeff had a vision. To be married on the property where they will build a home. This was no small task, but with the help of family and many friends, the event came together beautifully. Unfortunately the weather wasn't what they had hoped for. It was unseasonably cold (even for Grand Rapids) and rained a lot of the time. A good attitude and sense of humor made all the difference. The wedding was fabulous and couldn't have been any better if the sun was shining!

Jeff even agreed to continue with his fireworks show. Due to the rain, a good portion of it didn't fire, but it was impressive all the same. Quote from Woody "now all the married men here are feeling pretty bad that they didn't do fireworks for their bride!"

I received such grief from my friends about not taking pictures when Katie was married last year! So, here you go. Obviously I couldn't take pictures during the ceremony and I left the posed shots to the professional. I put my "behind the scenes" photos in a video with music that you can see below, or you can simply view the photos with captions here.

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FayeRaye said...

This was wonderful to watch~~~ Excellent job and I know you have memories to cherish a lifetime!! Congrats~~ Faye