Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cats and Birds

One of my zebra finch pairs have two babies in the nest. They're old enough now to peak out of the nest and take an interest in the goings on in the flight cage. I finally got a picture of one of the babies peaking out while Daddy Monty keeps watch.

Yes, Monty fans from Berri Patch. He is a daddy now! He took up with Queenie, the white chick of Harry and Smyrna that was still a baby when I closed the shop.

Anyway, the first pic was yesterday morning. Yesterday afternoon I found a little one out of the nest. Somehow it made it onto one of the treat plates and just wallowed there the rest of the day.

I just couldn't resist picking it up. Such a cutie!!

It was such a beautiful day, so I had the sliding glass doors upon across the back of the house. The birds chirping must have attracted the neighbor's kitten into our yard. He just sat there turning his ears this way and that! Then he was spotted by Daisy. . .

Such a beautiful, friendly, and playful kitten. His name is Blaze.
We have another beautiful day today. I'm off to dig around in the flower beds a bit. Maybe Blaze will come keep me company!


Nancy said...

Such a sweet little bird, and the cats are beautiful!

Theresa said...

Cute little birdie~ How nice to have a kitty friend come to visit!!

Gina E. said...

Aww, they are soooo cute - both finches and kitties! I just dragged Ken away from the t.v. to show him your finches. He said they are the same as ours. I thought they might be a bit different, being American - LOL LOL! (sorry, I'm being silly).
Thanks for your comment about my black cats patchwork, but don't hold your breath waiting to see the rest of my UFOs completed!

Sabrina said...

What an adorable little bird. Daisy's cousins Sarah, Whiskers, and Mr. Cutes say Meow!!

Sharlotte said...

Cute, cute post! I love watching birds. I noticed the dishes that you feed the birds out of. My grandmother had a set of those years and years ago. Somehow my mom ended up with a set too, but we losted them in '79 when our house burned comepletely to the ground. I'm glad I ran across your blogs. It's always nice to find new ones. It's like opening a presant each day. Take care.