Monday, February 1, 2010

It's Cold But The Mail Cheered Me Up

I know it's not near as cold here in Texas as it is where some of you live, but when only half your heat works, it gets pretty frigid!

My stitching/computer room is now below 60 degrees.  I really wanted to get on the computer to check email and make a blog post, so here I am with the  fingerless gloves/wrist warmers I knitted.  They really help!

Anyway, the heat should be up and running soon.  In the meantime, I'm stitching a lot and enjoying the mail.

I ordered some cool things on that I just have to share.  First is some matching hand dyed fabric, perle cotton, and embroidery floss from The Rainbow Girl in Hertfordshire, England.  Shipping was really fast and I just love the colors.

Next is an amazing tote from Plastique Recreations in Lake City, Florida.  Teresa's items are crocheted from "plarn" which is made from plastic shopping bags.  I love how beautiful it is and it looks like it will last forever.  I can't wait to start using it.  The little yellow and black bag was a free thank you gift and is made from Dollar General bags and video cassette tape.

These are just so adorable!

I've been hybernating in front of the television and making headway on my Long Dog Mystery Sampler.  I'm still amazed at how well my new camera does at close range, so here are a couple of close ups of the section I'm working on.

Happy stitching, and stay warm!


staci said...

Terrific stuff! Those wristwarmers are great for when you still need you fingers to get stuff done.

I've seen shopping totes made out of those plastic useful!

Stay warm!!!

Nancy said...

I like cold outside in the Winter but warm inside - brrrrrr!

Your sampler is looking gorgeous! Very nifty things from Etsy.

Jackie said...

Below 60 inside is really cold. I hope you warm up soon. The plarn bags are cute. I need to look into doing that myself. Your stitching is gorgeous and I love how your camera is able to capture th itsy butterflies.

Theresa said...

Nice wristwarmers!!!! My problem is the fingers, though... They always get icy cold when I'm typing....

Those plastic bag totes are so awesome!!!!! What a great way to recycle shopping bags~

Your sampler is looking really nice~ I love the colors!!!!

Siobhan said...

Oh wow, your Long Dog sampler WIP is gorgeous! I love the colors in it. Very nice when things are gray for the winter. At least here, anyway. ;)

Love the wristwarmers! Very clever. Your mail goodies are too cool... I've never seen totes made out of plastic bags. People were littering so much with plastic bags here that the government has imposed a levy on them, so everybody uses cloth bags for the grocery store... that'd be a neat twist!

Valerie said...

I love your computer gloves! It is quite cold here and sometimes I take to using the heating pad under my feet while I use the computer!

The fabric and thread from England are divine...what rich colors!

Thanks for sharing the totes made out of "plarn" what a neat idea!

Your Mystery Sampler is coming right along. Won't be too long before we see a finish. I look forward to it!

Stay warm and enjoy hibernating!

Lois said...

Your Long Dog sampler is so nice and coming along so well! Beautiful colours. Nice purchases on Etsy! Stay warm, those wristwarmers look like they are very useful!

Karen said...

That fabric is so vibrant! Love your WIP..colors are very pretty.

Marion said...

Fantastic stuff!! How cool is that!!!!
Great stitching!!!
Just stopping in to say "Hello"
from Nova Scotia, Canada

Campbell Jane said...

Score! Your sampler is gorgeous. I know first hand the amount of work & time that goes into creating a piece like that.