Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Feedsack Treasures

Meet Nellie. She keeps me company in my sewing/work room. She is named after my Grandma Shingleton because she's wearing Grandma's homemade feedsack apron.

I absolutely love this apron and feel so honored to have it. You can tell that it was well used. It was sewn on a machine except for the handmade buttonholes.

I really like the rick-rack trim she used.

I also have a quilt made by Grandma that used mostly feedsack material. This quilt weighs about 50 pounds LOL but it sure is warm!

I just have to share a story my father told me about Grandma and dresses made from feedsacks. Now, Grandma was not a small woman so it took a few feedsacks to have enough material for a dress. Daddy remembers an activity at his school where Grandma wore a new feedsack dress she had made. One of the other mothers showed up in a dress made with the same feedsack material. I guess that would be embarrassing enough, but it was obvious that the other mother only needed one feedsack for her dress! Poor Grandma.

Here's a feedsack treasure from the other side of my family. My great-grandmother (aka Grandma Daisy) made these potholders and hanger.

I love them so much that they hang in my kitchen. I don't actually use them, but I love to display them and the colors go so well with my fruit and rooster stuff. The top is decorated with a ribbon that feels like silk. Somehow feedsacks and silk ribbons don't seem to go together!

One day I found this interesting feedsack quilt in an antique store and just had to have it. It was pieced together from matching feedsacks.

This one was definitely hand quilted.

Thanks for visiting my modest little feedsack collection.


Nancy said...

Feedsack fabrics have such interesting patterns. You have some wonderful treasures! The quilts are so special. Vintage and sentimental - you can't get any better than that!

Margaret said...

That is so great that you have those pieces from your family. I love heirlooms like that. And feedsacks are so cool too! Loved the story about your poor grandmother and the feedsack dress! And the quilt you found is really pretty too!

FayeRaye said...

I love feedsack items too!! I love your grannies quilts and definitely would have HAD to have the blue/creme quilt also!!! Beautiful! Faye

Theresa said...

Such wonderful treasures you have there!!!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!!

April Mechelle said...

Loved all your feedsack things.

Lois said...

How wonderful to have those family treasures. My maternal grandmother was a stitcher and I have one piece of hers, a firescreen, that I treasure.

Siobhan said...

Oh, how neat! What lovely treasures, not just for the sentimental aspect but also for the bit of history associated with feedsacks. Your poor grandmother and the feedsack dress... that is something that would happen to me!!

Solstitches said...

Oh lucky you to have such wonderful treasures.
Thank you for sharing.