Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm still here!!

Hi blog friends! Tax season is over, but I just haven't made time to post. I'm off to Weatherford, Texas for Stitch-Away. A whole long weekend of stitching, eating, friends, and fun.

Anyway, I do have stuff to post about, maybe next week. . . between motorcycle classes. (More on that later.)

Take care!


FayeRaye said...

Thank the Lord~~~ I was about to send the troops out to check on you~~lol...seriously, I remembered how you said it gets at tax, Have BIG fun at you stitch retreat!~ Faye

Siobhan said...

Enjoy your relaxation during the weekend--sounds like fun. You earned it!!

Patti said...

Thank you so much for posting on my blog. I live your blog and I'll be back as you have been added to my ever growing blogroll.
Patti xxx