Monday, September 26, 2011

A Bit of Before and After

Okay, I know that in "before and after" photos, the after is supposed to look better than the before.  I call to your attention a case of the exact opposite!


Not very fancy, but at least it was green.  I took this picture in May just because the neighbor's cat, Blaze, was posing so prettily.


The Texas heat, the drought, and multiple construction crews have taken their toll.  But . . . the after picture is also a before picture since we're planning all new landscaping.  It's a wonder that the birds are still hanging around.

>^..^<   >^..^<   >^..^<   >^..^<   >^..^<   >^..^<   >^..^<   >^..^<

The next before and after is completely my own fault.  I can blame the Texas heat, but the truth is, I put the Hens and Chicks around the side of the house to stay out of the way of construction, then promptly forgot about them.  They do need a bit of water now and then!


My mother started these Hens and Chicks for me from hers.  I've moved them and replanted them several times and have been proud that they've done so well. 


I panicked when I remembered the poor babies and rushed around the house to see if any were still alive!  This was all I could salvage.  I hope these chicks root again; I would hate to lose them all.  I am so ashamed!

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Gina E. said...

Oh yes...I can sympathise with your before and after photos. Our gardens - indeed the whole country - looked brown and desolate for years while we were going through our last drought, which has now ended and been replaced with floods...Murphy's Law we call it. But now everything is VERY green.
What is Hens and Chicks? I was looking for birds in the photos! I gather it is a kind of plant? What a cute name!