Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Four O'Clocks and Scissors Fobs

Out of the desolate flower bed from my last post these Four O'Clocks have exploded!  It was cloudy today, but I couldn't resist taking a photo just to show how large they've gotten since the heat wave broke.

I did get a great photo of some open blooms yesterday evening. I love the bright pink with the strokes of white in the center.  I wasn't familiar with Four O'Clocks until we bought this house and I saw these pink flowers that open up in the evening and close in the morning.  I started calling them Evening Glories.   A bit of internet research told me the real name.  It seems like an old-fashioned name to me but these seem like old-fashioned plants, so it fits.

I've been working on adding fobs to some of my new scissors.  You know EVERY pair has to has a fob!  The mint and white polka dots came from the quilt show.  I have these cool buttons that always looked like breath mints to me.  They were perfect for a fob with white beads and a needle threader on the end.  A friend of mine at Stitch Away gave me the pink ribbon scissors.  An EGA project this year was a crystal pink ribbon bracelet, but I decided it would make a great fob for these scissors.

Stitch Away starts tomorrow.  I'm going to be teaching my button nametag lanyard so I'll take the mint scissors as an example of other things that can be made with this stringing technique.  I also plan to work on some Christmas ornaments and enjoy hanging out with my friends.

Happy Stitching!


Lisa said...

Love the four o'clocks to. The purple color is so vivid agains the green of the leaves around them. What a lovely flower.
You scissor fobs are great!
Take care, I loved reading your blog.

Giovanna said...

Great scissor fobs!