Saturday, December 1, 2012

Beaded Ornaments (the rest of the story)

I'll start wth the ta-da . . . here's the light fixture in our dining area decorated for the holidays.  I wish the camera picked it up, but the silver beads on the silver ornaments really sparkle.

Now, the rest of the story . . .

I made this beaded ornament for an ornament exchange.  Of course I had to buy a package of 6 ornaments at Hobby Lobby and a lot more beads than this one ornament needed.  I had the brilliant idea of making up the other 5 balls to hang on the light fixture.
I worked and worked.  Of course I had to run to Hobby Lobby for a new supply of one kind of bead, but my 5 balls were done.  I decided that the fixture needed some garland, too, so off to Hobby Lobby I go again.
The garland went on the fixture just fine.  I wasn't sure how I was going to hang the ornaments, but after several tries I came up with a plan.  1, 2, 3, 4 ornaments hung.  I'll bet you know what's going to happen!  You guessed it, I dropped the fifth one and it shattered all over.
The only thing to do was to run back to Hobby Lobby again and get another package of 6 ornaments.  Good thing they were 50% off!
As I drove back home I was contemplating what to do with the 5 ornaments I would have left over after replacing the broken one.  I hung the bead netting on the new ornament and promptly dropped it, too.  Broom and dustpan out again.  Okay, now I'll only have 4 left to do something with.
I did manage to get 5 beaded ornaments hanging from the light fixture and I like the look so much I'll be packing them carefully away to use in years to come.  Oh, what did I do with the 4 extra ornaments (you ask)?  They stayed in their original box, carefully placed in a closet.  You never know how many I'll break next year!
Happy stitching,


Karen said...

How pretty.... good thing you have some backups!

happy decorating...

Jeanne said...

It looks lovely! Your effort sounds a lot like the way I do things...always running back to the store for this or that LOL. Husband and I order a few new ornaments from a place we like every year. Of course I knocked one of the new ones off the tree the first day it was up and had to order a replacement. Seems I break at least one ornament every year!