Monday, December 10, 2012

I Love Pinerest!

I am in LOVE with Pinterest. When I'm wake up in the middle of the night, I peruse Pinterest until I get sleepy again. There are so many wonderful ideas, I've found myself copying some of them for holiday decorating.
I saw a photo of a holiday table with a cake stand used as a candle stand.  Brilliant!  However, I don't have a cake stand and have never really felt the need for one.  So off to ebay I go to find the perfect vintage cake stand for my own table.  I found this wonderful heavy glass stand that's perfect.  I love ebay, too.  Now that I have a cake stand, I might find more uses for it during the rest of the year.  And it will work really well with some of the pieces I have that were my grandmother's!
I made my table runner out of 16 count Chili Pepper Heatherfield fabric and hand hemstitched it all around.  I think it works perfectly with the cake stand.
Speaking of getting ready for Christmas (as I was) .  Daisy says . . .
"I'm ready, bring it on!"

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Giovanna said...

That's a very pretty and elegant candle stand - well done!